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About Us Online Adult Merchant Processing Company

We at Adult Merchant Accounts have been helping people and businesses streamline their payment processes, giving them more control, flexibility and speed for over a decade. We understand online trends and technology. We understand top line revenue and managing risk. We understand being open 24/7 and accepting payments around the globe in different currencies. We know the business and banking dynamics unique to ecommerce, and help people and businesses navigate payment strategies through our world’s digital infrastructure by providing secure end-to-end, fast, easy and reliable merchant systems to receive electronic payments online. We know different types of businesses have different types of needs and each merchant category may require different banking solutions. Let our knowledgeable team guide you through this process, so you can sleep at night knowing you’ll always have a bank settling funds into your business account. Adult Merchant Accounts specializes in High-Risk Merchant Activation; Domestic and International Processing.


Adult Merchant Accounts is one of the most insightful consultants I have ever worked with. Their knowledge of the merchant bank and billing industry is vast and they have all the right connections. At least as important is the fact that they have integrity. I’ve really felt like I could trust Adult Merchant Accounts’ recommendations and they have gotten done in weeks what others said couldn’t be done at all. They have played a vital role in the progression of my company and I cannot recommend Adult Merchant Accounts highly enough. James, San Francisco

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