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  • Prevent chargebacks with fraud screening and security
  • Optimize your payments to your customer’s region, offering a currency they’re familiar with
  • Access the Adult Merchant Accounts Gateway and manage your account from anywhere in the world
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Adult Merchant Accounts Processing

About Adult Merchant Accounts

  • Over 10 Years of experience helping merchants accept credit cards

  • Specializing in High Risk Merchant Accounts and payment processing

  • Payment processing solutions that are customized for your business

Adult International Merchant Accounts

International Merchant Accounts

  • International Payment Gateway Services

  • Accept sales in 36 Global Currencies and get paid in USD

  • Specializing in International Merchant Accounts in Europe and Asia

Risk Management

Risk Management & PCI Compliance

  • Prevent fraudulent transactions and reduce chargeback ratios

  • Maintain PCI compliance with assessor validation

  • Payment gateway filtering by country, BIN, velocity, and ticket size

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Adult Merchant Accounts

We are fully committed to serving merchants in the adult industry. We want to come up with the best solutions for you whether you are just starting up and adult website or you are an already highly successful adult store, and anywhere in between. Adult Merchant Accounts is able to offer a variety of payment processing solutions.

Adult industry merchants find that our solutions are fast and easy. We also offer quick and reliable payment processing along with high security features. Our payment gateway can help you make payment processing run very smoothly. Working with us will help merchants in the adult industry increase profits, because you will have flexibility to grow. You will have faster authorizations, advanced transaction management, and better customer service.

It is no secret that the adult industry is flourishing. There are a number of adult businesses that are internet-based, and we have a strong online presence. The demand for adult services is always increasing and we are able to keep up with changing online trends.

If you are an adult industry service provider for one or more of the aforementioned services, you are aware of how difficult it can be for you to find a payment processing provider for your services. There are many payment processors who have deemed the adult industry too risky to do business with, but we do not. Adult Merchant Accounts is the absolute best choice for your adult industry merchant account.

Some of the reasons that an adult merchant account is labeled high risk:

  • Products and services are strictly for adults

  • Products or services being sold require age verification

  • Greater risk for chargebacks

  • Some of the businesses fall into a legal gray area

Merchant Account Personal Support


With a decade of experience creating bulletproof processes, Adult Merchant Accounts has the reputation and resources to assist your business wherever it goes.

International Payment Processing

Worldwide Service

We have global agents and relationships to assist your business in any country. Penetrate new markets with a lower barrier to entry by offering solutions your customers prefer.

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